Monday, 26 November 2012

Hello there (the angel from my nightmare)

Yes I quoted a Blink 182 song, it popped into my head as soon as I typed 'hello there'.
So it's been a while guys and gals! I've been so busy with college and I still don't have internet at my house. It's so rubbish. Hopefully soon though!
Not much has been happening really, getting on with college, trying to fix my phone and get money sorted. It's all coming together slowly.
Last Saturday I decided to start eating better and exercising/generally move about more. So far I've lost 4.2lbs! I'll maybe start posting about healthy cost effective recipes I find ro come up with, rewards for losing weight, exercises I've been doing etc. Make my blog more lifestyle than just beauty. What do you all think?
I'm quite looking forward tot his weekend however as I'm off to London for 4 days! Yayyyyy. Going to see Alexisonfire's farewell tour and have a few days in London. The dungeons, Madame Tussauds, all the touristy things I didn't do when I lived there. Hopefully I have a camera and get pictures to put up, it would be nice.
I hope you are all keeping well and I really hope I get back into the blogosphere soon!