Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hello strangers!

So it has been a while 21 days since my last update! I miss blogging so much.
Unfortunately most of my time is being spent here...

4 days a week I am here, off on a Tuesday and the weekend to myself (until my placement is sorted). Unfortunately, I don't have any internet at my house so I can't use my free time to blog. I really want to get back into it though, I've had so many adventures and I always think ooh I could write about this then remember I can't!
Well I could use the app but then there would be no pictures or just rubbish phone quality pictures and I'd rather not go back to them, I doubt you would either.
Another downside to being so busy is I've had no time to read my usual blogs so I have no idea what's happening in the blogosphere, no clue what new products are out or coming out. I don't know anything!
I'm hoping my bursary comes through soon and I have some pennies left over so that I can start buying things again and telling you about them all. Until then, I'm afraid there won't be much.
Hope you are all well!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Good news!

Just a quick wee post today bloggers to tell you all that I got into college today! *victory dances around livingroom*

I'd applied possibly last year or early this year and had an interview. After that I was placed on the waiting list. The course actually started last week so I'd given up hope of getting in, then I got a phone call today saying a place had opened up. Of course I took it!

So as of tomorrow, I will be a student again for the first time since 2005!

I'm on a full time course doing social sciences. I'm so bloody happy! :D

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New glasses

I got myself some fabulous new glasses after Nazilla asked on twitter for glasses wearers. She runs and really is the nicest girl! I love her blog.

So after asking me a couple questions on my blog she sent me a code enabling me to get any pair of glasses from the selectspecs economy range, the code covered a pair of glasses up to the price of £22.50 and the £4 delivery price.

As most, if not all, glasses wearers will know, getting new glasses is great, it's fantastic putting that new pair on  and feeling fabulous. However, picking that new pair of glasses is not so much fun! I ummed and aaahed over many many pairs, very nearly picking an almost identical pair to the ones I already have but I finally decided on this pair.

It does't help that my prescription is ridiculous! Short sighted in one eye and long sighted in the other. Makes getting glasses a nightmare! Takes weeks for them to put them together. I go this pair within a week of placing the order. Amazing!

I ruddy well love these! Purple, check. Marble effect, check. Sparkly bits, check. Love them!For years now I've stuck to wearing chunky frames, I don't think thin or wire frames suit me at all. Plus I like making a bit of a statement when it comes to my eyewear.

I don't really know what else to say about these really, I just love them! I definitely recommend checking out selectspecs if you wear glasses. The prices range from £6 in the Value collection all the way up to £70 in the Platinum collection. I'll definitely be purchasing some more glasses from this site when I have the money spare. I love having multiple pairs of glasses, different ones for different moods!

Above pictures are just to show you the difference between old glasses and new ones :)

Do you wear glasses? How bad is your eyesight? Have you tried selectspecs before? Do you think you will now if you haven't?


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Won my first Twitter giveaweay

Sandra from theblackpearlblog was holding a Twitter giveaway last week or the week before and surprisingly I won! I was so pleased, I'd never won a giveaway on Twitter before. I patiently waited for the parcel to arrive and was so excited to open it!!

As you can see, Sandra wrapped it all up beautifully which was a really nice touch, so thank you Sandra!

Unfortunately, in all my excitement, I didn't take pictures of what I'd actually won! Silly Alana. What I did win was 26 pairs of earrings and 4 bangles. I gave two of the bangles to Sarah and kept two for myself. Although I didn't take pictures, I will probably update my Instagram with pictures as and when I wear them. 

Username on instagram is ivorysmoke if you want to see the pictures.

I know I really need to get better at taking pictures and remembering to take the right pictures! I'll get there one day ;)