Thursday, 30 August 2012

Another to add to the MAC collection!

The lovely Louise of thebeautyoflouise was holding a giveaway to celebrate reaching 800 followers and so I thought, I'll enter, I've nothing to lose. But I had something to gain! And here is what I gained... a lovely new MAC lipstick!

Louise contacted me by email to let me know I had won and I did do a bit of a victory dance! As you all probably know, I don't have a lot of money so a free lipstick and a MAC one at that cheered me right up! I chose the shade Bombshell as you can see from the below picture.

When I was looking through the shades online to choose one, I didn't realise this was a 'frost lipstick' as soon as I saw that on the box, I did get a bit worried. Worried that I'd maybe look 12 or just plain ridiculous but I have to say, I really do love it!

I resisted the urge to put any of this one before I took pictures for this post. Mega self restraint!

I miss my piercings :(

So I don't know about you, but I love this shade, I'm not usually a fan of light pink lipsticks but I just think this looks so lovely!! It's great for my skin tone and I just love love love it! Of course I might be being vain and really it looks ridiculous. What do you think?

What was the last giveaway you won?


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Weight loss; Second week slump

So from last Monday I started my mission to lose weight and be healthier. I hit it hard, exercising multiple times a day, watching what I ate, no unnecessary snacking, drinking as much water as I could.
It paid off and I lost 9.2lbs! I was amazed but I also understood that a fair chunk of this was probably water weight but it was still a great loss!

It's now Wednesday of my second week and I am failing miserably. The only exercise I've done is walking. No cross trainer and no just dance. Not been as strict with my diet and I know I'm going to suffer for it.

For some reason my mood is completely different this week and its not that I don't want to stick to my healthy program, I do! It's just worrying how much it can all change because of my mood.

I really need to sit down and work out my relationship with food. I need to stop using it as an emotional crutch. When something goes wrong, my mood dips, whatever, I need to take it and use it to fuel my exercise. Take out my frustrations on my body, healthily of course! No drugs and breaking bones!! But push my body, stretch its capabilities when it comes to exercising. It will all pay off in the end.

I need to understand that it will take a while and I'm gonna have bad days. I just can't let them beat me!

So I've rambled on enough, are you exercising, eating better, actively losing weight? Let me know below! :)

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NOTD; Missguided Teeny Greeny Bikini

Quick wee NOTD today. I'm getting better at painting them, just need to learn to be patient and wait for them to dry completely before doing anything! See my thumb for chippage.

You can see from some of the pictures below that it looks like there is no polish on bits of my nails! I'll need to try this mani again maybe with more layers or different base colours.

I've spoken about both these polishes in previous posts here here and here


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Toothcare and I

Recently I managed to lose my toothbrush (it was a bloody good one as well!) so during my latest food shop, I wandered up the toothcare aisle in search of a new brush. I came home with the Colgate 360 and some new toothpaste as well. Ever since I was little, brushing my teeth has made me either feel sick or be sick. It's rather annoying! So I'm always on a quest to find both toothbrushes and toothpastes that won't make me throw up. So far I've figured out that electric toothbrushes are a lot better then manual. I picked up this toothpaste from Colgate as it's actually a gel so I thought, hmm, something new, might do the trick!

Click the read more for lots of pictures and my thoughts after four days.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Aapri Cleansing Pillows

I've only ever seen this brand a few times, mainly from my step mum, she used to buy quite a lot of Aapri products. Aapri was actually founded in 1985 so I don't know why I haven't tried it yet! So when I saw it in Poundland, I figured I would try it out and see what it's like!
I'm always looking to try out different exfoliant products. I love my St. Ives but don't want to use it all the time in case it damages my skin.

So how you use them is very easy, take a pillow out the box and run a couple drops of water over it, massage it to activate the cleanser and using the 'beaded' side cleanse your face. Then take the plain side of the pillow and again cleanse your face with it. Rinse off and you will have cleansed, exfoliated skin!

I really liked these to be honest, they smelled slightly of apricots (also a tad perfumey, but not too overwhelming) and I really felt my skin got properly cleansed. The exfoliating side wasn't too rough on my delicate skin but still rough enough to give it a good clean and give me some rosy cheeks.

The only downside is that I felt the pillows dried my skin out quite a bit but that's easily solved by putting some moisturiser on after my face is dry.

According to the Aapri website, their products are available from BootsSavers and Superdrug although I was lucky enough to get the 30 pillows for £1 from poundland. If you're after some, I'd recommend hot footing it to your nearest Poundland and picking up a bargain!
Have you tried any Aapri products? Did you like them? Do you want to/are going to try them?

Sunday, 26 August 2012

New diary, new start!

Who doesn't love a nice fresh diary? I'm think I bought one at the beginning of 2012 used it for a few weeks and that was it...

So it's a fresh start with this one! (Louis also bought himself a black one) I really need to get into the hang of always carrying it in my bag to put it interview dates, jobcentre times, exercise I've done etc as I'm awful for losing important letters or forgetting to check my phone.

So this diary is going to become my right hand man! And the first date I'm going to put in it, is the Scottish bloggers meet up on August 30th! Not that I'm going to forget about that of course, it'll be my first blogger event. I'm so excited about it too!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

NOTD; Nail art?

Just a quick post today folks to show you some nails I did. I've had these little gems for so many months and never used them so I decided it was time! I got them off ebay for a couple of pence I'm sure and there is someridiculous number of gems in there, 500 or 1000, I can't remember for sure. Pretty good deal I'd say!

The purple, I've spoken about before in this post, I've used it a few times since getting it and for the most part I'm pleased with it. It does go on a bit streaky and chip rather easily but both those things can be stopped by putting more coats on and a good top coat!

They're not great but they're not crap either. Well, I don't think they are at least.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Twist and Out!

I finally found it! I've seen so many people talking about these products but never been able to find any. Cue a non planned trip to Poundland and me standing in awe in front of a shelf filled with these. I was so happy and I'm proud of myself for only picking up one. Although no doubt, next time I go back, there will be non left!
  *fingers crossed that's not the case*

I decided to test this out on very quick mani I gave myself on a train from Falkirk to Edinburgh. I would have blogged about it but it truly was awful, I manage three shaky coats but obviously didn't have the time to neaten it up with polish remover around the sides.

I digress, I chose my thumb as the 'test subject', as I said above, there are three coats of polish on this nail and as you can see from the picture below, there was some slight chipping to the nail.

I simply dipped my thumb in, turned it around a few times inside the bottle/tub and that's it!

I was pretty amazed if I'm honest. Most of the reviews  I've seen for removers like this have been the Bourjois one or other well known brands but really this stuff is probably just a good! I can't say it is just as good as I haven't tried any other brands. The rest of my nails were just as easy to do and so I am extremely pleased with this product! 

I usually struggle with nail polish remover as it dries my nails out so so much but this wasn't as bad. They were a tiny bit dry but that went away after a while and they were back to just being nude nails, as opposed to liquid polish remover where my nails are usually very dry and flaky for up to an hour after using it!

If I'm honest, I don't see the point in going out and trying other, more expensive brands when I have this for £1 and it does a fantastic job!

How about you my lovely readers? Have you tried this or other kinds of  polish remover in a tub? Let me know below. 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Everday essentials!

It got to that time again that I need to purchase some essential items that I tend to forget about. As I am all about looking good and feeling good for less, these were all nice on my purse strings!

I couldn't resist this dinky little set when I saw it. I'm forever losing all three of these items so to have them all in one little package is ideal! Small enough to fit in my handbag which is perfect.

Now would you like to know where I got it from?

That's right, Tesco value! It cost me all of £1! Now yeah it looks rather basic but for a pound, you have to admit, this is a great deal! Think how much shops charge you to buy these items separately. So I'm rather chuffed with this.

I also picked up these handy wipes, ideal for again sticking in your bag and freshening up. 
60p for 100 wipes.

Another essential I needed to pick up, sponges. I especially love sponges with the exfoliating sides on them, my body feel so much cleaner if I use one of these rather than a flannel.
Bought from Poundland.

What 'essential' items do you tend to forget about or not buy until you realise you've run out?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Bit of a different post today readers, I made a smoothie!

I bought the frozen summer fruits for £2 from Tesco and about ten minutes after I got home with them, and the rest of my shopping, I decided I wanted to try it out!

I used about half or just less than half the tub of fruits and threw them in my blender with a splash of water. Blitzed them as much as I could, then I added some milk. I don't know if it makes a difference what kind of milk you use as I buy UHT milk in a carton and it turned out fine.

Are you ready for my finished result?

It was nice-ish but there were loads of seeds, I hate seeds. So next time I'll be buying a frozen fruit with no seeds in it. I'll keep you updated on my smoothie adventures.


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites

Everyone loves a bargain don't they!
I just received an email there giving me the top ten money saving websites for fashion and thought, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't share the list with you all!
  1. eBay
  2. everything5pounds
  3. fashionvouchers
  4. theoutnet
  5. brandalley
  6. BooHoo
  7. secretsales
  8. bigwardrobe
  9. ASOS
  10. girlmeetsdress
I've only ever used eBay but I'll definitely be looking into the other sites! A few things on everything5pounds and boohoo have caught my eye.
Haven't actually heard of some of them before so I'll be checking them out!
How about you, have you used any of the above top ten? What's your favourite?

You've got some Moxie!

How cute are these?! Believe me, I never thought I'd say that abut tampons in my entire life! But they are just so darn cute!

There's not really much I can say about these, they are after all tampons. However the packaging is what sold it for me on them. Look at it! It's delightful. I love the candystripe theme, so delicate and lovely.

The tins as well, amazing! Canystripes, bows and reusable! They are perfect for throwing in your bag and keeping the inside of your bag a bit tidier. So embarrassing when you go into your bag to get something and pull out a tampon!

So yeah, all in all, I love these! I'll definitely keep my eyes open for these again. They also do pads and liners, with the candystripe theme just in different colours. I found these, possibly by fluke in Poundland but according to the Moxie website they are also stocked in Tesco.

On a slightly related note, I got a full 22 pack of Always liners for 77p in Tesco on the same day. It was reduced purely because the box had been damaged! My mumma taught me well! ;)

I don't really know what questions to end of for this post... Have you tried Moxie products??


Monday, 20 August 2012

Listen to me talk rubbish?

This is my first ever video in which I talk about a product, I somehow managed to edit it myself. It's very basic but I did it!

Hope you all enjoy watching it!