Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Face food; yum?

So I was very excited when this came through my door yesterday afternoon. Growing up, my post would always be through the door before I left for school, I'm still not used to this afternoon post!

I won a £5 Amazon voucher thanks to @TheSite posting on their Twitter account about a survey on their site http://www.thesite.org/ which is an online guide for 16 to 25 year olds.

"We provide non-judgemental support and information on everything from sex and exam stress to debt and drugs.
Our straight-talking emotional support is available 24 hours a day. Chat about any issue on our moderated discussion boards and live chat room, browse over 2000 articles and videos by professional journalists, or ask a question at askTheSite - we'll give you a personalised answer within three working days."
I really do love this site, it's jam packed and I can always find something to read.

So onto what I got with my voucher! Click read more to read all about it!

5 two packs of Montagne Jeunesse Face Food Masques

Now I love Montagne Jeunesse products. Have done since the first day I saw one of those little sachets hanging from a shelf in a supermarket. They have come a long way in the 25 years they have been around. I believe 2012 may just be their year though, more and more people are learning about them as a company, using their products then telling friends and family about them, which I do regularly!

I just love being spoilt as well!

Montagne Jeunesse use naturally derived ingredients in their products and are against animal testing. They are BUAV approved (The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) BUAV are a British animal protection and advocacy group that campaigns for the abolition of all animal experiments. Find out more about BUAV here.

All Montagne Jeunesse products are suitable for use by vegetarians and in many cases suitable for vegans as well, please check the packaging first though!

So I got the full Face Food line with my voucher. 2 sachets to each packet, so in effect, 10 face masks for £5! Now that is a good deal. For info on each mask see below.

Orange Oil & Vitamin C Peel Off Masque

Gently peel away dead skin ans impurities with our vitamin rich face mask. Vitamin C combined with Orange oil soothes, refreshes and restores your skin's moisture.
These masques are suitable for vegans, gluten and dairy free, nut derivative free and contain no added parabens.
They are suitable for combination, normal and oily skin.

Gingseng & Jasmine Sauna Masque

Deeply cleanse your skin as the warmth opens your pores. Natural ingredients combine to eliminate excess oils and leave skin moisturised.

These masques are suitable for combination, oily and normal skin.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Cleansing Masque

Dead Sea mineral rich ingredients cleanse your skin and draw out impurities while Aloe Vera and Sea Salts rehydrate your face to leave you with a fresh complexion.
These masques are suitable for vegans, gluten and dairy free and also nut derivative free.
These masques are suitable for combination, oily and normal skin.

Cucumber & Apple Reviving Masque

Revive your skin and remove impurities with Cucumber and Apple extracts to moisturise soothe and refresh tired skin.
These masques are gluten free and have no added parabens.
They are suitable for dry, normal and sensitive sin.

Avocado Oil & Walnut Exfoliating Masque

Enjoy our mild exfoliating face mask with Avocado Oil and Walnut granules. The natural extracts gently remove dead skin cells without drying out your face.
These masques are suitable for vegans and are gluten and dairy free.
They are suitable for combination and normal skin.

All the above information was taken from the Montagne Jeunesse website. I thoroughly recommend you check them out!

I hope you enjoyed reading this extra long post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

As to be expected, writing always flows nicer when you're writing about a product or company you simply love!
Have you tried Montagne Jeunesse before? If so, which ones? If not, do you think you will after reading this?


  1. Now thts something new, I didn't know it was done by them! I've had the Dead Sea and Ginsing & Jasmine ones that Wilko's sell for about £1.20 each. Really good value! x

    1. Wrong 60p each because I used to buy two packs together - This cold is messing with my memory sorry x


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