Thursday, 2 August 2012

Primark Lip Stain

If you regularly read my blog you will remember my post on this dress, my mammy had been a lovely wee mammy and bought me a few things throughout the day. Today's post will be a quick one of another of these gifts.

I picked this up on the way to the till, you know all those little semi circles filled with goodies on your way to the till? Well I saw this, and I haven't tried any lip stains yet, thought I'd give it a go. At only £1.50 it was a bargain!

After coming home that day I looked up some reviews and was apprehensive as they all said this stain lived up to it's name! One even said it didn't come off for 3 days! I very carefully applied it on friday afternoon for catching up with some friends, I added a touch of lip balm over the top as I found the stain really dried my lips out. This catch up then turned into a nearly all night party (I still made it to the jobcentre the next again day of course, as I am superwoman!) 

During the night though I noticed the stain had all but come off. So it stains until alcohol and smoking are factored in! I really liked the colour it did give though, my mum thought it might have been a bit harsh for me as I am so pale but I thought it clashed well. I'll try it again with different outfits, I was wearing the yellow dress, and see if mother was correct. She usually is!

I really like that the pen is like a felt tip pen, but I'm going to have to store it upside down to see if it helps as I've noticed, after only one use and the swatch below that the nib is really drying out. 

Sorry I'm not a better photographer! This picture is doing the stain no favours, it's brighter looking at it now but you still get the general idea for the colour.

Have you tried Primark Lip Stains? What did you think?



  1. I saw this yesterday in my Primark and was going to pick it up too but thought it would be too dark for my paleness.
    Now i've seen your post i might just go buy it now!


  2. Definitely need to give this a try!

  3. I definately need to go and buy this stain I'm totally addicted to lip products and my favourite of them all are lipstains and I really haven't found many that last very long however I've read many reveiws saying that these do last long and I love PINK! :D


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