Sunday, 19 August 2012

Owls here, owls there, owls owls everywhere!

Like a lot of people out there, I love owls. On jewellery, on clothes, on shoes, on everything! They are beautiful creatures and love all the different ways they are portrayed on things. I do have my fair amount of owl jewellery in the house but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it.
Instead, I've searched the internet and picked out some of my favourite pieces that are available right now.

This long sleeved Yumi blue and cream owl dress is available from New Look and it currently costs £44.99. I absolutely love this dress!! The collar, the fact that is has long sleeves (is it just me or does everything have short or no sleeves these days?!) the colours work really well together and the owl image they have used is beautiful! This is definitely a wish list item!

I saw this lovely Jon Richard brooch on the Debenhams website. It's made from crystal and pearl and just divine! It would look fantastic on this navy blue coat I have in the house. Love a bit sparkle, this would do a great job at sprucing up a plain outfit or attaching to a bag maybe? Now are you ready for the price? £12. That's it! I was expecting it to cost a lot more than that!

Now how amazing is this bag? It's quirky, odd and amazing. Everything I would expect from Irregular Choice! Again this was found on the Debenhams website and well, I just love it. The buttons for eyes, the different coloured 'feathers', they remind me of Whybird a bit. Anyone remember her?

At £65, for me anyway, it's a bit expensive. Although would be totally worth saving up for then showing off!
Claire's Accessories is right on the money with the cute, kitschy earring holder. Yeah it's a bit childish looking and probably aimed more at children/teenagers but I can't help the fact that I love it! At £8.50 it's cheap enough that the teenagers it's aimed at can afford it, so for a 23 year old like me, it's a steal!

Last item here is from Matalan and it's this lovely embroidered cushion. I can just imagine this sitting on my couch, just chilling. I love it! If I could sew, and I really, really wish I could, I would attempt to make my own owly cushion. In fact my lovely friend Julie over on her blog even shows you how! I may have to try my very best and see what I can come up with!

I've actually really enjoyed doing this post, might have to make it a weekly thing. Pick an animal or theme and then show you my favourite finds. Oooh that could even be the title! Is that something you would be interested in? Let me know below!

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  1. I am the same I live owls too! My friend has the most amazing owl pillow that I want!


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