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Hello! I am Alana, creator of  IvorySmoke. My little chunk of the internet that I can show you all things beauty! As well as skincare, hair, freebies and anything else I think you guys might enjoy (I also enjoy reading back through my posts, anyone else do that?)

Now for a little bit about me.. I am 23 years old and come from Scotland. It might rain a lot but I love it, it's home. I'm very pale and this makes me very scared to try foundations and blushers. Don't want to look like an oompa loompa or a doll! I have these wonderful eyes that are blue, green and gold but horrible stumpy lashes. I've been in a battle with my eyebrows for years now, still can't win. I am a UK size 16/18 but not for long, I am currently exercising and attempting to eat healthily in a bid to lose some weight and tone up my body.

I like: reading, tea in giant mugs, most food, nail polish, music, a lot of sci-fi, daisy chains, tshirts with cartoon characters on them, shiny things, hats, water, face masks, going to the beach on nice days, playing Just Dance in my livingroom by myself, incense sticks and candles, beards and men in plaid shirts, the feeling of getting tattooed, nice long baths, getting things in the post, having heated debates, taking pictures of myself.

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