Monday, 27 August 2012

Aapri Cleansing Pillows

I've only ever seen this brand a few times, mainly from my step mum, she used to buy quite a lot of Aapri products. Aapri was actually founded in 1985 so I don't know why I haven't tried it yet! So when I saw it in Poundland, I figured I would try it out and see what it's like!
I'm always looking to try out different exfoliant products. I love my St. Ives but don't want to use it all the time in case it damages my skin.

So how you use them is very easy, take a pillow out the box and run a couple drops of water over it, massage it to activate the cleanser and using the 'beaded' side cleanse your face. Then take the plain side of the pillow and again cleanse your face with it. Rinse off and you will have cleansed, exfoliated skin!

I really liked these to be honest, they smelled slightly of apricots (also a tad perfumey, but not too overwhelming) and I really felt my skin got properly cleansed. The exfoliating side wasn't too rough on my delicate skin but still rough enough to give it a good clean and give me some rosy cheeks.

The only downside is that I felt the pillows dried my skin out quite a bit but that's easily solved by putting some moisturiser on after my face is dry.

According to the Aapri website, their products are available from BootsSavers and Superdrug although I was lucky enough to get the 30 pillows for £1 from poundland. If you're after some, I'd recommend hot footing it to your nearest Poundland and picking up a bargain!
Have you tried any Aapri products? Did you like them? Do you want to/are going to try them?

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