Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My break is kind of over I guess

So my last update was a few days before Christmas. I feel like I've given up on beauty blogging if I'm honest.

I don't have the money to buy new products to test them out and write about which annoys me no end but I can't really do much about that. I can do a couple posts of things I got at Christmas and such but apart from that, I think I've already shown you everything I have. 

Also since Dec 31st, I've been trying to life a healthier life. I'm watching what I eat, I'm exercising more, I'm being more positive and I quit smoking!!

So I've lost 10.8lbs since Dec 31st and I'm now on day 36 of not smoking.

Because of this new healthy lifestyle, I was thinking about maybe trying to incorporate that into this blog. Maybe posting recipes, foods I've made, things I don't like, exercises I do etc.

I'm hoping that as I lose more weight and tone up that I might have some money spare to get myself a few beauty bits and bobs but until then, I'm afraid you all have to just listen to me ramble on about a new vegetable I've tried or what certain exercises have done to me.


  1. Id love to read about your new healthier life style. Those kind of posts are always interesting
    Well done on what you have achieved since Xmas. Thats quite something

  2. Wow, almost 11 pounds in a month is awesome - well done! Personally I'd love to read stuff about your new healthy lifestyle - I like to read a mix of blogs, it gets a bit boring if everyones just doing reviews day in day out so I say go for it! Also I'm doing the same just now - started doing Weight Watchers online at the start of Jan and am trying to exercise more and eat better etc (have lost 7 pounds since Jan 1st so not quite as good as you though!) so it's nice to read about other people going through the same! :)

    Lynne - Cocktails & Daydreams


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