Friday, 8 June 2012


It's taken me so long to think of a name for this blog that I now have no idea how to introduce it! Seriously, I was sat for about 30 minutes before I decided on one I liked. For now. Let's see how long it takes me to change it.
For now though, welcome to Ivory Smoke. My little corner of blogspot.

I will hopefully one day figure out a posting routine, fingers crossed I have that much to post about that I need a routine and to plan it all out! For now it will be a bit of a mixmash of beauty products I've bought, tried in store, received as freebies, any other freebies I get in the post, clothes (if I ever get any, it's a rarity these days) exercise I like doing or exercise I don't like doing but still do, healthy eating (I'm rather fussy so this part should be fun!) and anything else I can think of really that I believe people might enjoy reading about.

And so I sign off on my first post, it shan't be read for a while but it's here waiting for you!


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