Monday, 8 October 2012

Bourjois bundle

I wrote yesterday about the Rimmel bundle I got from TK Maxx, well at the same time I got this little set. I couldn't resist this, I've yet to achieve the perfect smoky eye so anything that will help me along the way! This cost £12.99 with an RRP of £21.50 so another fantastic saving!

Again I have to apologise for the pictures, this camera really doesn't like me. I need to get mine back from Sarah's soon! Anyways, onto the products!

To everyone who doesn't want to tilt their heads to ridiculous angles to see what these items are, I'll just tell you. From left to right (or top to bottom) we have, Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara in shade 61 Ultra Black, Smoky Eyes Trio in shade 03 Mordoré Chic, Effect Smoky in shade 71 Smoked Brown and I also got a wee free gift with it, a sample size of Effect 3D mobile unfortunately it's not got a shade number or name on it, it's kind of a sandy, beigey type shade I'd say (of course I could be and probably am wrong)

I've not really tried that much brown eyeliner, I've grown up using black so it's a bit of a welcome change if I'm honest. Something different! I forgot to take a close up of the smudging brush but it's not sponge like most of them are these days, it's a little brush. I was a bit disappointed as I love the sponge tip idea, but I'll give it a go! 

Again, I've not really used many shades like this, my shadow is usually very bright colours or non-existent, but I'm looking forward to seeing if I can create the intended smoky eye effect. Like the quad from the Rimmel bundle there is a wee guide on the back showing you how to achieve the smoky eye.

I have to admit, after opening the Rimmel mascara then opening this, I was a bit disappointed in this but I think that's only because I love bristle brushes so much that when I opened this I just thought 'oh no bristles' I'm not going to think about that when I try it though, open mind!

I'm not a huge fan of lipgloss, I tend to find it too gloopy and just plain eurgh but again I'll give it a go. Never know I might fall in love with it!

Yet again more fantastic savings! I really need to start shopping in TK Maxx more often, the savings are unbelievable!

What was the last big saving you made?


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  1. ooh great post, need to get me to tkmaxx on the weekend i think! :D x


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