Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The perils of being pale

I'm sure everyone has seen the adverts or heard about no7's foundation matching service in some other way. Personally, I was rather dubious, foundation and I don't tend to mix too well.
In spite of this, I had some time to spare last week so thought I'd pop into Boots and give it a go, everyone loves a trier right? So I went in and asked the counter assistant if she would mind checking my face for me. I warned her before she started that I am quite obviously very pale but I still wanted to see what the end result would be.
She was lovely! I wish I'd taken note of her name. Before she 'matched my skin' she explained that the machine simply takes a picture of your skin, no laser, no pain, nothing like that. She also explained that the sample is taken from your lower cheekbone on both sides and the machine matches it up to their foundations.
I was matched to the Calico shade, the palest shade they offer and so the lovely lady said she would put some on across my jaw to see what it looked like. Can you all guess what happened yet? It was too dark! Of course it was too dark. Bless her, she seemed really confused though. "I don't understand how you can be matched to this shade but it's too dark for you." The curse of the paleyfaces!
At least now I can say I tried it. Alas, my hunt for the perfect coverage continues!
Have you tried colour match? What was your outcome?


  1. I can imagine this happening to me :') x

  2. >.< oh noooos haha hopefully you find your perfect one soon..


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