Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mix and Mingle

How cute are these?! I probably don't even need to ask you all where I think I got them.. Poundland! I got them months ago and I still haven't opened them. (Saving them for blogging remember!) 

So they are both Revlon Mix and Mingle Lip Palettes. In shades Tango With Mango and Hello Honey, as you can see below.

I love the idea behind these! You can just use each individual shade or mix them together to make your own. At first I thought I wouldn't want to mix them and ruin the pattern but now that I've tried them both I've changed my mind!

Click the red more for close up and swatches :) 

Have you tried these before? Thoughts and opinions?



  1. I love the tango with mango one. They remind of lipglosses I used to get from The Gap.

    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey. I am collecting buttons too, so if you would like me to add yours - let me know. xx

  2. These look really interesting! x


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