Thursday, 11 October 2012

Pure diamond; ooh la la!

I got these from poundland quite a while back and I've only used one of them once, "I don't want to ruin them before I've blogged about them" but now I can finally write about them and use them more! I got both of them in one packet, so 50p each, can't argue with that can I?!

Green and purple are my two favourite colours, I think they go so well together but look great on their own as well. Not just make up either, everything! Kitchenware, clothes, wallpaper. It's fabby! I digress, back to the matter in hand!

As soon as I seen these eyeshadows, my little eyes lit up! I don't know what it is about different shades in one pot? that I love so much but I do. It looks really nice and it saves carrying multiple shadows about with you because they are all right there!

The other thing that kind of took me aback was the fact that they are Nivea, I thought they only did skincare but I have been proven wrong!

Not really much more to say about these shadows so click the read more to see swatches

One thing I will say, I'm obviously too pale that the light/white shade doesn't show up on my arm!

Have you tried Nivea makeup? Or their skincare for that matter? Let me know!



  1. Wow, in the Philippines, Nivea eye shadows are not available. Cool colors!

  2. the shades are really good. i love the purple :)


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