Saturday, 20 October 2012

Glitter polish; ooh shiny shiny!

I always thought glitter polishes were tacky or for little girls playing with makeup but as I've grown up I've realised they can be a great wee touch to the perfect mani or fantastic for sprucing up a plain looking outfit.

I'd heard of Model's Own and fallen in love with pretty much every shade they have so I was delighted when I went to the Scottish Bloggers meetup (I wish I could link to a post here but I didn't take any pictures that night!) and won Juicy Jules from Karris' giveaway.

This polish is simply put magical! The glitter gives off so many different colours and the polish looks great on top of a mani or on it's own and built up with different layers. The only thing I don't like about glitter polish is that it doesn't tend to chip, it just peels off all in one. Really annoys me, especially if I'm out!

What's your opinion of glitter polishes? Love or loathe? Link me to your favourite mani?


  1. I love glitter polishes! I like adding a bit of glitter to an accent nail :)

  2. i love glitter polishes, except for trying to take it off, lol. any tips on how to get it off without it gettng stuck in my nail? x

  3. I haven't tried many but my favourite is definitely Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment - such a stunning gold, especially for party season ;) Really want to try Juicy Jules!

  4. I love glittery polishes but need for them to have a full coverage. Love this colour though. Agree with Bethanbrown that the taking off is always a pain! x

  5. I love models own glitter, they are much easier to than most.
    Love your style, its amazing.


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