Saturday, 4 August 2012

Olay Regenerist; Staving off mother nature

Don't you just love a freebie in the post? I know I do! I request so many but never make a note so when the post comes and I get some, I'm surprised. It's easy to keep me amused!

On the Olay website, it says this; "Regenerist 3-Point Treatment Cream is specifically designed to give you dramatically younger-looking skin for areas most prone to ageing - eyes, jawline and neck."

I'm really looking forward to trying this as even though very good skin runs in my family, I'd rather help than sit back and do nothing! Although I'm all for ageing gracefully and not resorting to a new cosmetic procedure every month or two, I'd like to do my bit for my own face!

This blends in amazingly! My hand still feels soft and smooth so imagine what it will do to the 3 specific areas! As this is only a sample tube, I imagine I'll only be using it under my eyes but if I ever do buy a full size tub, I'll then use it on my jawline and my neck. I'm hopeful that the results will be quite good.

3- Point Regenerist Cream retails at Boots for £24.99 in a 50ml tub, or 2499 advantage points if you have that many!

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  1. レイバンを買ったって、あいつ最近調子に乗りまくって、気に入らない!俺だって、レイバン ウェイファーラー持ってるし、3本も持ってるよ!あの大人気なレイバン RB2140だって持ってるよ、負けられない!


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