Friday, 24 August 2012

Twist and Out!

I finally found it! I've seen so many people talking about these products but never been able to find any. Cue a non planned trip to Poundland and me standing in awe in front of a shelf filled with these. I was so happy and I'm proud of myself for only picking up one. Although no doubt, next time I go back, there will be non left!
  *fingers crossed that's not the case*

I decided to test this out on very quick mani I gave myself on a train from Falkirk to Edinburgh. I would have blogged about it but it truly was awful, I manage three shaky coats but obviously didn't have the time to neaten it up with polish remover around the sides.

I digress, I chose my thumb as the 'test subject', as I said above, there are three coats of polish on this nail and as you can see from the picture below, there was some slight chipping to the nail.

I simply dipped my thumb in, turned it around a few times inside the bottle/tub and that's it!

I was pretty amazed if I'm honest. Most of the reviews  I've seen for removers like this have been the Bourjois one or other well known brands but really this stuff is probably just a good! I can't say it is just as good as I haven't tried any other brands. The rest of my nails were just as easy to do and so I am extremely pleased with this product! 

I usually struggle with nail polish remover as it dries my nails out so so much but this wasn't as bad. They were a tiny bit dry but that went away after a while and they were back to just being nude nails, as opposed to liquid polish remover where my nails are usually very dry and flaky for up to an hour after using it!

If I'm honest, I don't see the point in going out and trying other, more expensive brands when I have this for £1 and it does a fantastic job!

How about you my lovely readers? Have you tried this or other kinds of  polish remover in a tub? Let me know below. 

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