Saturday, 25 August 2012

NOTD; Nail art?

Just a quick post today folks to show you some nails I did. I've had these little gems for so many months and never used them so I decided it was time! I got them off ebay for a couple of pence I'm sure and there is someridiculous number of gems in there, 500 or 1000, I can't remember for sure. Pretty good deal I'd say!

The purple, I've spoken about before in this post, I've used it a few times since getting it and for the most part I'm pleased with it. It does go on a bit streaky and chip rather easily but both those things can be stopped by putting more coats on and a good top coat!

They're not great but they're not crap either. Well, I don't think they are at least.

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  1. Anything purple and I'll buy it :). Do the gems come in other colours?


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