Thursday, 9 August 2012

Face Food #1

I tried my first Face Food Masque from my collection. I talked about these products in this post here. It's a pretty lengthy post though, can you tell I love Montagne Jeunesse?

So I decided to use the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Cleansing Masque, I'd done some pretty intense exercise that day and my skin was feeling particularly grotty, in definite need of some cleansing!

As soon as I opened the sachet, I could smell the sea! It was quite amazing. As you can see it's a blue mask, blue like the sea? I'm assuming that's where they were going with that? Or it's a happy coincidence.

I actually managed a thin application from one sachet and I have enough for another! 2 application from one sachet, meaning I could potentially have 20 applications! I prefer a thin layer rather than it all piled on my face so I'm very happy with that!

As the mask dried, I noticed it starting to go bitty? Is that even the right word? But yeah, I think this might have been the sea salt. I did get a bit worried thinking it would dry out my skin but after washing it off, my skin did feel spectacularly cleansed and fresh!

Have you tried this particular Face Food Masque? What did you think?

Montagne Jeunesse products are available on their website and in store at many major retailers such as Asda,  Superdrug, Tesco, Wilkinsons and more!

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