Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Weight loss; Second week slump

So from last Monday I started my mission to lose weight and be healthier. I hit it hard, exercising multiple times a day, watching what I ate, no unnecessary snacking, drinking as much water as I could.
It paid off and I lost 9.2lbs! I was amazed but I also understood that a fair chunk of this was probably water weight but it was still a great loss!

It's now Wednesday of my second week and I am failing miserably. The only exercise I've done is walking. No cross trainer and no just dance. Not been as strict with my diet and I know I'm going to suffer for it.

For some reason my mood is completely different this week and its not that I don't want to stick to my healthy program, I do! It's just worrying how much it can all change because of my mood.

I really need to sit down and work out my relationship with food. I need to stop using it as an emotional crutch. When something goes wrong, my mood dips, whatever, I need to take it and use it to fuel my exercise. Take out my frustrations on my body, healthily of course! No drugs and breaking bones!! But push my body, stretch its capabilities when it comes to exercising. It will all pay off in the end.

I need to understand that it will take a while and I'm gonna have bad days. I just can't let them beat me!

So I've rambled on enough, are you exercising, eating better, actively losing weight? Let me know below! :)

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  1. Good luck. You seem to be doing really well so far. I have an under active thyroid so I really struggle losing weight even when I am exercising and eating ok. It's tough.

    Much love: If you fancy a follow or a nosey. xx

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