Thursday, 23 August 2012

Everday essentials!

It got to that time again that I need to purchase some essential items that I tend to forget about. As I am all about looking good and feeling good for less, these were all nice on my purse strings!

I couldn't resist this dinky little set when I saw it. I'm forever losing all three of these items so to have them all in one little package is ideal! Small enough to fit in my handbag which is perfect.

Now would you like to know where I got it from?

That's right, Tesco value! It cost me all of £1! Now yeah it looks rather basic but for a pound, you have to admit, this is a great deal! Think how much shops charge you to buy these items separately. So I'm rather chuffed with this.

I also picked up these handy wipes, ideal for again sticking in your bag and freshening up. 
60p for 100 wipes.

Another essential I needed to pick up, sponges. I especially love sponges with the exfoliating sides on them, my body feel so much cleaner if I use one of these rather than a flannel.
Bought from Poundland.

What 'essential' items do you tend to forget about or not buy until you realise you've run out?

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