Sunday, 26 August 2012

New diary, new start!

Who doesn't love a nice fresh diary? I'm think I bought one at the beginning of 2012 used it for a few weeks and that was it...

So it's a fresh start with this one! (Louis also bought himself a black one) I really need to get into the hang of always carrying it in my bag to put it interview dates, jobcentre times, exercise I've done etc as I'm awful for losing important letters or forgetting to check my phone.

So this diary is going to become my right hand man! And the first date I'm going to put in it, is the Scottish bloggers meet up on August 30th! Not that I'm going to forget about that of course, it'll be my first blogger event. I'm so excited about it too!


  1. I've been thinking about getting a diary specifically for my blog, I like the simple design of this x

    1. I got this from poundland! They've got loads in just now :) x

  2. A mid year diary that's such a cool idea!


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