Saturday, 4 August 2012

Liebster Award

This is my first of three awards I was given on my Florals for a fiver post. I'll be posting them one day after the other and in between other posts so my blog isn't just awards for a page. I can brag but not that much! ;)

So I was given this award by Christine and I'd like to give her a BIG thank you as this is my first award for this blog! Wee cheesy smile from me!

Here are the rules for the award:  

  • Each person must post eleven things about themselves
  • Answer the eleven questions the tagger has set for you
  • Choose eleven people and tag them in this post
  • Follow the tagger and visit at least three of the nominees

So, eleven things about me:

1. I will be 24 in November
2. I share a birthday with Bram Stoker
3. My favourite time of year is in between summer and autumn
4. I very rarely wear matching socks
5. I live in Falkirk, Central Scotland
6. I've never been to Wales
7. I used to have chinchillas, they were my favourite pets!
8. I don't like my toes
9. My favourite colour is purple
10. I got my ears first pierced at 9
11. I didn't get them pierced again till this year

Eleven questions I was tagged in:

1. What's a beauty routine you should do but often forget? Moisturising my face
2. What's an accessory you couldn't live without? Does my phone count as an accessory?
3. If you had a million dollar shopping spree, what would you buy? A house and I'd decorate it fabulously
4. What's your favourite make-up product? My MAC Sheen lipstick
5. What's your favourite place to go on vacation to? I haven't been on a holiday in almost 4 years :(
6. What's your dream job? Owning my own book shop. Although I'd probably just sit all day and read the books myself!
7. If you could eat your favourite comfort food for a whole day, what would it be? Probably chinese food, I love chinese food!
8. If you were given the chance to create your own fragrance, what would ir smell like? Very floral-y as those are my favourite kinds of perfumes.
9. What's a fashion trend that works best for you in any season? I have no idea, black? Hahaha.
10. What's your signature scent? Flower by Kenzo or DKNY Be Delicious
11. What would your dream room like? Purple, everywhere!!

Eleven people I'm tagging:

6. emiilyx

Eleven questions I'm asking the tagged people:

1. Did another blogger inspire you to start blogging?
2. Have you ever been let down by a product that received rave reviews?
3. What's on your face right now?
4. How do you blog? Write a post a day, many posts and schedule them, post as you receive/buy items?
5. What is your favourite part of yourself?
6. What are your interests apart from blogging?
7. Favourite nail polish brand?
8. Where do you buy most of your beauty/skincare products?
9. How do you relax?
10. Have you much planned for this weekend?
11. What colour do you think suits you best?

Well these blog awards posts are quite fun! You get to find out about the person that tagged you and tell people about yourself. I hope you all enjoyed reading this and if I've tagged you, or even if I haven't, I hope you respond so I can read your answers!


  1. Well done! xo

  2. Hey! :) I love all your answers, nice to know more things about you. :) Thanks so much for participating, hope you had fun. xx


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