Friday, 17 August 2012

Just a quick wee post today. I found the above image on a toilet door in the pub The Banshee Labyrinth on Niddry Street, Edinburgh.

Now I will admit, I was slightly tipsy when I saw it, so I did have a wee giggle, but the phrase has stuck with me since that day. It's made me think a lot about my body and how I perceive it, not how others do. It's also made me realise that I'm losing weight for me, not for anyone else, not to look better in pictures, just because I'd like to wake up in the morning and feel great about myself.

One thing I cannot stand is body shaming. This 'real women' this, 'you can only be skinny to wear' that. If you love you, then that's all that should matter. 

Whether you're size 4, 14 or 24; as long as you are not unhealthy or harming your body to stay the way you are then you go on and be that size! If you want to lose weight then do it, healthily. If you want to put on weight then do it, healthily.

Just be healthy and love you!

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