Tuesday, 21 August 2012

You've got some Moxie!

How cute are these?! Believe me, I never thought I'd say that abut tampons in my entire life! But they are just so darn cute!

There's not really much I can say about these, they are after all tampons. However the packaging is what sold it for me on them. Look at it! It's delightful. I love the candystripe theme, so delicate and lovely.

The tins as well, amazing! Canystripes, bows and reusable! They are perfect for throwing in your bag and keeping the inside of your bag a bit tidier. So embarrassing when you go into your bag to get something and pull out a tampon!

So yeah, all in all, I love these! I'll definitely keep my eyes open for these again. They also do pads and liners, with the candystripe theme just in different colours. I found these, possibly by fluke in Poundland but according to the Moxie website they are also stocked in Tesco.

On a slightly related note, I got a full 22 pack of Always liners for 77p in Tesco on the same day. It was reduced purely because the box had been damaged! My mumma taught me well! ;)

I don't really know what questions to end of for this post... Have you tried Moxie products??



  1. how cute!! i will be keeping my eyes peeled for these :D its not exactly a glamorous thing to have to buy so why not try and make it more fun this way :D x

    1. That's exactly what I thought! :)

    2. they didnt have them in my poundland :( but i did spend £1.49 in tesco as i couldnt resist lol. thanks again for the tip! x

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