Monday, 6 August 2012

Bourjois; 25 Argent

I've very briefly mentioned this eyeshadow in this post but I'm back to talk about it again! And with better pictures this time as well. As I mentioned in the post I've linked up there, I got this in a wee 3 pack of items for £7.99 with an RRP of £21.67 Nice wee saving there and nice wee products too!!

Because of how much I paid for all these items, I was not expecting this eyeshadow to be so lovely! I was in no way expecting it to have a mirror in it so that was a great surprise. The mirror is fabulous for getting up close and doing your eyelids. I also love the brush, the way it's shaped and the way it picks up the products.

For the finishing touch, I was given a wee tip inside the eyeshadow telling me that if I used a slightly wet brush, it will reveal the full intensity of the powder's pigments.

How's that for a dazzly, jazzy looking number? 

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