Sunday, 5 August 2012

Une Lip -Toned Colour

If you remember me winning my TK Maxx giftcard from their Facebook spin the wheel promotion, I did this quick post back then but as you can see from it, the picture quality on my phone is rubbish!!

So I'm back to talk about this Une lipstick I picked up.

I never usually go for this sort of colour. To be honest, I don't buy lipstick all that much but recently I've been getting back into it. Still not really too sure which colours to avoid or which to buy due to my complexion so it's more trial and error with me.

I actually really like this colour, I'm just trying not to wear it, or any lipstick too much until I get a lip brush. Hate just using the lip stick and using all the extra product whereas if I get a lip brush I'll only be using what I need.

Can see a wee hint of my swatch from my Primark Lip Stain up there. 

Does anyone else write out more than one post at a time? It's the only way I can blog regularly just now!

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  1. Hiyah love don't worry about it, I always write more than one post at a time :). LOVE the colours you choose they look amazing. I followed your blog, would love for you to follow back x


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