Monday, 23 July 2012

Decorative vs purpose

Remember my birthday hamper I spoke about in this post, well, here I am back with more goodies from it! When I saw these, I did think they were just decorative balls until I looked at the bottom and saw ingredients...

Turns out I was wrong. The smallest to your left is a solid perfume, the medium sized one to the right is a hand cream and the larger one up the top is a glistening body cream. All three smell quite nice, with a hint of musk to them. Turns out this wee set is from M&S. I've never actually had any toiletry type prodcuts from there so I was going in with an open mind.

The products themselves are fine. Not fantastic but not horrible, it's a lovely wee scent However, I actually use them more as decoration, they just look so shiny and look lovely in my bathroom! I'll maybe remember every so often after coming out the shower that they open and have product inside them and dab a wee bit on but I don't go out of my way to use them.

I've only swatched the glistening body cream to show you how it looks. Can't really show off a solid perfume and the hand cream you can't really notice once it's blended in. This body cream is cute though, nice wee shimmer to it. I'd probably save it for a night out and maybe add a bit to my moisturiser for a wee sparkle.

Do you have any decorative toiletries?


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