Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Lip Colour

 Hello lovelies! As you can see from the title, today I'm talking about Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Lip Colours. I go these two beauties from, would you believe it, Poundland! I should become an ambassador for that place soon!

A colour I always wear and a new one. Mix it up a bit!

I love these two lipsticks. Adore them! You can probably tell from the wear on them both! They are so nourishing and look at the colour! Despite my undying love for red lips, I actually prefer the Golden Berry. It's such a nice dark brown but still with red tones. So it's a bit of both, something new and something old.

The only downside to buying these gorgeous shades from Poundland is that I probably won't find them again in there, shouldn't take too long to find them on the net. Just hope I don't have to pay too much over what I paid for these.

Do you wear Sally Hansen makeup or just use their nail care?

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