Saturday, 7 July 2012

Thank you kind stranger!

I had my first proper interaction today with a Benefit counter and staff today. In the past I've always wistfully walked past them but never stopped and spoken to the staff. I changed that today.

I went to the counters/mini shop in Debenhams, Buchanan Street in Glasgow. I say mini shop as here in Falkirk we have one tiny wee counter. Today there were about 3 counters, stands, brow bar and tanning room!

It was only a quick chat, I'm still very nervous about approaching make up staff. I don't know, fear of judging, not feeling good or worthy enough, my anxiety, silly little reasons!

So the lady put some red gloss on me, I forget the name, which is rather annoying (I should start taking notes for beauty encounters!) and also a swish of a beautiful rather deep pink blush. I told her I'm terrified of blush but she explained that the right amount of blending and blush can do wonders!

I was then shown a couple more items, she swatched a few very pigmented shadows that I fell in love with! Told me a bit about the brow bar and tanning.

I then unfortunately left without buying anything as I am skinto but the wee touch of make up gave me a surge of confidence and when I do have money to splash on Benefit goodies, I'll be returning to that store in particular!

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