Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sneaky mascara!

So I bought Scandaleyes back when it had first come out and got it for £4.99 if I'm remembering correctly. Since buying it, it has hidden from me at every opportunity! I can go weeks without it then it pops up somewhere. This morning I stuck my hand down the side of the couch to find the remote and pulled out.... well the remote and... my beloved mascara. Happy days!

So I love this mascara, simply put, its amazing! I don't have the greatest 'naked' lashes and this just adds so much oomph/ooh-la-la. I feel so fabulous when I know I'm wearing it! It has a nice big brush that gives your lashes a nice coating of the wonderful feeling mascara.

It adds so much length, volume and colour to my lashes without being heavy or clumpy. In my opinion its quite a versatile mascara, it can be worn day or night. For a day lash I'll wear the mascara and not put anything else on my eyes, as the pictures show below. I think the mascara is enough by itself for daywear. For a night look, I'd wear the mascara with shadow and liner, a dark smokey look would probably go great with it!

So all in all, a big thumbs up from me!

Do you use Scandaleyes? What's your wonder mascara?

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  1. Love your review! This mascara looks realy good


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