Monday, 16 July 2012

Cheap makeup - friend or foe?

Louis was a lovely boyfriend today and bought me these things from poundland after I fell in love with them! I think poundland can be fantastic for picking up a bargain, especially make up wise. I've purchased Rimmel and Sally Hansen products from there before, just had to rummage for a bit! It can be hit and miss sometimes but it must just depend when they get deliveries and certain products in. Long story short, I love poundland! ;)

The packaging for poundland makeup is, understandably very basic. All the Chit Chat products below are stuck to a piece of cardboard with a plastic sleeve over it. On the back of this plastic sleeve is the sticker with all the products ingredients and such.

Now, onto the products. The two polishes... I love green and purple, especially when put together! Both these shades look so vibrant and wow, I think they'll look great on their own or together! The colours on the packaging simply state they are lime and purple. I've never tried Chit Chat polish but I'm really looking forward to! These are both 12ml bottles for £1 each and have a shelf live of 18months according to the packaging.

Deep cleansing nose strips, the past week or so, I've been noticing that the pores on my nose are horrendous! No matter what exfoliator, soap, scrub, anything I use, they won't go away! If these don't work I'll need to try and steam clean my face!

Now these next two products, they look awfully similar don't they! I'm sure Benefit has some products like this ;) These were actually the first items I spotted and no wonder. Right now I don't have £23.50 to spend on the Benefit products (I hope to one day!) so for now, £1 products will do me just fine!! These are both 12ml bottles too with a shelf life of 24 months. I really love the highlighter, I can see me using that quite often. The cheek tint, I'm not too sure about, its looking rather purpley/pink on my arm right now from where I swatched it. Maybe I didn't rub it in quick enough or that's just the colour it comes out as, I'll try it on my cheeks another day and write up a post. While writing this, I actually just dabbed some on my lips to see what it was like and I love that!!

I'm now off to wash my face and deep cleanse my nose. Hope you enjoyed reading!
Do you use Chit Chat products or would you use them? How do you feel about cheap makeup?


  1. at christmas i bought a load of rimmell eyeshadows from poundland, and some other brands of makeup so each of my sisters had a makeup stocking that cost me a fiver each when in other shops like boots you could be spending £3 or £4 on just one of the items! i also grabbed sally henson in the pound shop once, was gutted to have to spend £4 in boots the next time i wanted some lol.

    great post! x

    1. PS. today i popped into poundland, and have bought the highlighter... and some sally henson nail varnish :D thanks for making me think to look in there else i could have missed it! :)


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